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Zidoo - High Performance Media Players

Highly Performant, Feature Rich.

Zidoo is a professional Android set-top-box manufacturer and advanced ARM multi-core industrial product developer. A leading brand in the 4K ultimate evolution, Zidoo offers UHD media and streaming players to suit all viewing habits and budgets.

There is a growing trend and increasing demand for high-quality playback of backed-up movies, and getting the full uncompressed 4K HDR video and Dolby Atmos sound experience can be challenging from most devices on the market.

That's where Zidoo is making quite the name for itself with its full suite of Android-based Media Players. Zidoo's Home Theatre app and Poster Wall is the ultimate solution in quick and easy movie management, along with its support for BD/DVD (unencrypted) / CDs and CD ripping, BD/BD3D/UHD Blu-ray menu playback and Blu-ray seamless branching playback. Almost all standard 3D video formats can also be played, including MVC 3D (Blu-ray, MKV).

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NEO X  |  RRP $2,999

The NEO X is Zidoo's new high-end audio-visual integrated solution to solve cumbersome device connection and equipment matching problems. Supporting [email protected] UHD image quality and Dolby Vision high dynamic range technology, as well as cutting edge audio processing, the NEO X is a media player/source device for those with keen eyes and ears. Developed from the ground up with top materials and luxurious components, including double toroidal linear power supplies, a flagship ES9038Pro DAC chip and a high-end digital decoder solution.

NEO S  |  RRP $2,299

The NEO S is Zidoo's new high-end audio-visual all-in-one device, and is simultaneously a hi-fi music digital decoder, network audio server, AV streamer, headphone amplifier, and more. NEO S inherits the NEO X's craftsmanship and sports an aluminium thickened chassis and 5-inch OLED touchscreen. Built-in is a 256G SSD, dual ES9068 DACs, dual digital/analog power supply modules and large toroidal transformers.

UHD3000  |  RRP $1,699

The UHD3000 is the flagship model from Zidoo's range of media players offers the performance of a UHD cinema player with the added benefits of Hi-Fi audio-decoding. With 4GB DDR4 RAM + 32GB eMMC internal storage onboard, browsing all of your content is fast and the entertainment experience is seamless. Perfect picture is made possible by the Dolby Vision VS10 engine and advanced 4K 12Bit HDR10+/Dolby vision decoding. Also built-in is the ESS 9068 DAC which offers HiFi audio decoding, MQA, and DSD512 hardware decoding.

Z1000 PRO  |  RRP $799

Zidoo is dedicated to developing leading technologies to provide users superior quality in playback of ther media collection. The Z1000 PRO is equipped with the RTD1619DR hexa-core 64-bit professional processor, with an advanced Dolby Vision VS10 image quality processing engine built in. The Z1000 PRO supports Dolby Vision low latency (LLDV).

Z10 PRO  |  RRP $599

The Zidoo Z10 PRO is a high-performance 4K UHD media player, featuring a newly upgraded chipset - the Realtek RTD1619DR hexa-core processor. It has a built in Dolby Vision VS10 image quality processing engine, supporting Dolby Vision low latency (LLDV) processing and supports a vast array of media formats and standards, including HDR (HDR10/HLG/HDR10+/Dolby Vision), 12Bit, BT2020 wide colour range, YCbCr 4:4:4 colour space as well as hi-res audio.

Z9X  |  RRP $399

The Z9X is a 4K UHD media player with a powerful graphics engine for stunning home theatre entertainment. This latest-generation media player features significant improvements in audio and video decoding, most notably, support for HDR10+ and Dolby Vision. The Z9X is a high-performance and cost-effective media player for modern entertainment.